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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Raidou Kuzunoha Vs The Soulless Army Full Movie Kickass Torrent > DOWNLOAD

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The story has a young man taking the mantle of "Devil Summoner". He wields a sword and gun, but in a pinch what sets him apart is his ability to summon demons to fight along side him or help him solve mysteries. He works at a detective agency and one day a girl with a bizarre request calls them to a bridge where the ultimate challenge awaits our hero. The story is rather good, and for the most part the game was okay as you could use demons to read people's minds and do various other things. The combat though was a bit of a pain. Not like the other games of the Shin Megemi Tensei name this one relies real time combat. A combat that at times is hard to pinpoint where exactly the enemy is in relationship to you so you end up swinging at air. You also run into very hard battles near the end and you almost always need a healing demon summoned to help you and you only get one demon on screen at a time. The ending to it was not anything special either. I prefer the fights in the other Shin Megemi games as they took more strategy, to many of the fights here turn into slashing away frantically. Still the setting is great in 1900's Japan, it is sort of like the Shadow Heart games in the way it is set in the real world. The music is okay for the most part, but it does get repetitive. Also, I would have like the characters to actually speak lines rather than just word boxes. Still, thanks to the story it is a all right game.

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