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Walker races to catch an ATM robber with a bounty hunter who's better known for bringing in his capture more dead than alive.
This episode marks the first appearance of Noble Willingham&#39;s portrayal of C.D Parker who was played by Gailard Sartain in previous episodes and would also go on to play C.D for the remainder of the series.<br/><br/>&quot;Spoilers&quot; A young punk named Roy Buchannon robs an A.T.M Machine in Oklahoma and rides out to Fort Worth Texas to see his much nicer and innocent brother Ned Buchannon and they happen to run into Walker who was about to give a speeding ticket but Roy, who freaks out, shoots Walker&#39;s tire and drives off but he takes one of his uncle Ray&#39;s horses and is able to apprehend Roy. it is later discovered that Roy&#39;s motiv for robbing the A.T.M was to pay the bank and save his Father&#39;s farm after the banks screwed him and were threatening to take his farm.<br/><br/>After a heavy chase scene where Walker and Trivette are chasing Roy and lose him, we are introduced to the real bad guy of this episode Boone Waxwell played brilliantly by Bruce MgGill who is a bounty hunter. His job is to bring Roy back to Oklahoma because he had jumped bail but Waxwellhas other plans because it turns out he has knowledge of the money that Roy had stolen and demands he give it to him, when he doesn&#39;t, Waxwell shoots Roy down. Waxwell then sets his sights on Roy&#39;s girlfriend because he knows that she knows that Roy&#39;s brother Ned has the money and kidnaps her to force her into giving the info Waxwell wants. Walker and Trivette are al over Waxwell but can&#39;t arrest him because they have no proof of Roy&#39;s murder or his evil intentions. They soon figure out and Walker and Waxwell duel it out where Walker ends the fight by uppercutting Waxwell and knocking him out cold onto the hood of his car.<br/><br/>Great episode. The original cast was great as usual but the real show-stealer is Bruce MgGill who eats the scenery as Boone Waxwell I mean his charm, lines, and despicable nature make for a terrific villain that you just love to hate. My favorite moments of the episode are Uncle Rays jokes featured prominently, Alex&#39;s jealousy at the hospital when a flirty nurse comes onto Walker, and Walker tossing Trivette&#39;s computer into the garbage, Purposely I might add.

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